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Leading, successful fashion website that provides a rich user experience and advanced interactive functions. The content-management system is integrated with the company’s enterprise systems, thus fully combining the web portal with the company´s logistical work processes.

A new e-Commerce website for the local branch of the successful international footwear brand. The website offers variety of features, including: various angels view on each shoe, smart filtering, coupons system, integration with social networks and more.

E-commerce website for Israel’s leading textile chain that offers a wide-ranging collection of products. The website provides a simple and friendly buying experience and features a customers´ club.

One of the most important Internet and multimedia projects in Israel in recent years. The website is rich in content and includes interactive exhibitions that provide a great and unique navigation experience both on the web and physically on site.

One of the most impressive e-commerce cosmetics websites launched this year. An international website that provides a rich buying experience and advanced capabilities adapted to multiple distribution regions. Tightly coupled with leading social networks.

Exceptional Internet and multimedia project for the largest visitors´ center in Antwerp, Belgium. High-level animation containing an illustrated mentor, interactive games, unique learning experience and more. All were implemented on the website as well as across information kiosks in the center itself.

The Amal Group on-line registration site for preventive driving is the chosen concessionaire of the Ministry of Transportation for conducting the courses throughout the country.
As full business partners to our customers, cdtech provides technological, creative and commercial Internet solutions supported by a structured work methodology and measurements that maximize our customers’ business value.
Conference GO ECOMMERCE 2014
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cdtech החברה המובילה בישראל בתחום המסחר האלקטרוני
לקחה חסות בכנס GO ECOMMERCE.
בכנס הציגו את החידושים בעולם ה - ECOMMERCE בישראל ובעולם.

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CDTech sponsored the annual conference GO E COMMERCE 2014.
CDTech sponsored the annual conference GO E COMMERCE 2014.
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afeka launching
afeka launching
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cdtech specializes in building e-Commerce websites, executing complex Web IT projects, technological Internet enterprises, and in the creation of content portals and branding corporate-image sites. Our unique web-agency service, which relies on proven technological tools and work methodology, enables us to provide processes for the planning, design and establishment of e-Commerce sites and other portals that achieve extraordinary results.

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cdtech is one of Israel´s most important Internet companies. Since its establishment in 2003, the company executed more than 400 projects for a wide range of customers across multiple industries. cdtech specializes in the development of Internet applications that are based on business principles, are goal oriented and driven by objectives.
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